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              How to remove rusty fasteners?

              How to unload rusty fasteners skillfully? I'm afraid that many of my friends have encountered such problems in their daily life. Today, our editor of No.1 Industrial Products Co., Ltd. will introduce some knowledge about this.
              In daily life, fasteners are widely used in various equipment and facilities. For the use of fasteners, our common problem is that they are rusty, difficult to unload and unable to screw.
              In fact, this is very normal. Maybe the fastener has been used for a long time, or the quality of fastener material is not very good. What should we do when the rusty fastener cannot be removed? Hardware electromechanical network provides you with the following five skills to unload rusty fasteners:
              1. Knock: with your hammer, the corroded stainless steel nut is easy to loosen. For example, the two ends of the bicycle pedal fixed bolt nut, according to the thickness of the pedal, metal structure, master the use of nut size. The nut between cast iron can be forced slightly larger using plastic. If you still can't do it, hit the nut in the hammer direction, and the nut can be easily removed.
              2. Shock: rusty screw, do not use a wrench to screw, six face corners, to prevent sliding screw screw screw or wrench. At this point, you can use a hammer to gently shake the wrench treatment, generally can screw rusty screw in vibration.
              3. Punching: some equipment on the top of the corrosion of stainless steel screw protection, can not use a wrench, cutting tool, emission impact method is available. First with a hammer and a screwdriver to tighten the top is flat with a straight V-groove direction effect.
              Then, after adjusting the taper angle and the direction of rotation along the screw, the steel wire pliers can be used to screw“ One "or" ten "screw sliding, this method may be adopted, steel screw clamping screw.
              4. Welding: remove the device, screw the situation. Broken screw at the top, usually do not use electric drill, because it will be bad line hole slightly careless. A better way is to weld in the broken wire long iron. Determine the cross section of the iron by the diameter of the stainless steel fastener.
              5. Burn: some screw embroidery corrosion is very serious, with the above method still does not work, can use "fire". With gas welding oxidation flame screw, nut completely barbecue, and then red screw silk small oil drops.
              The purpose of heating screw is to make screw expand. The purpose of the drip meeting is to make the screw cold shrink quickly, increase the gap between the screws and the stainless steel nut, oil flows into the loosening nut, but if there are any plastic components nearby, be careful with this method.

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